About us

Here at KeyWaste, we endeavour to provide our customers with cost effective eco friendly waste management solutions to suit their every need.

KeyWaste Management launched itself into the Irish market in 2005 with a unique product,
the BabySkip skip bag. The product was the first of its kind in Ireland and is now sold through
a network of over 400 DIY stores throughout Ireland. Over the past eight years the company
has developed a rapid growth plan and diversified into commercial waste, general skip hire and
hazardous waste services.

The company is one of the largest commercial waste operators in Ireland. KeyWaste now
employs over 45 staff and operates 25 vehicles, servicing thousands of commercial and
industrial companies nationwide.

The company has invested heavily in facilities, equipment and technology over the past number
of years. Our Strategic objective is to continue investing into the company and utilise new and
existing available technologies to allow us to offer our customers cost effective recovery and
recycling services whilst being environmentally conscious.